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in-market assistance


In-Market assistance to grow your exports and business

Your local partner internationally

ibt partners provide in-market assistance for companies looking to grow their exports. From market research to distributor and partner search through to logistic and regulatory assistance, we have helped hundreds of companies from the USA to develop and grow their exports internationally.

With over a decade's experience, our local networks and sector know-how ensure your companies get the in-market support they need to confidently reach out to new leads, engage distributors and connect with end-clients in world markets.


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Distributor and business partner searches

Our long track record with distributor and business partner searches gives us a wealth of sources, contacts and experience to draw from. Our experience ensures your companies get the meetings, background checks and assistance with distributor contracts that they need. Local distributors are still a primary route to market for many exporting companies, so it is no surprise that distributor searches account for two-thirds of the requests we receive.


Strategic analysis, route to market, logistics, regulatory issues

Exporters rely on us as their in-market eyes and ears to provide the vital information they need: Strategic analysis, price comparisons, competitor watches, logistics options and regulatory information. These are all part of the services we provide.

Not all export markets are the same. We provide a route to market, detailing the steps that need to be taken, by whom and when, in order to achieve clearly defined and realistic goals.

International tariffs have come down over the past few years but non-tariff barriers remain. We help companies find the right regulatory body that applies to their products, how to keep up to date with regulatory changes and cost-effective ways to ensure regulatory compliance.


Metrics, reporting and success stories!

We value metrices and have the in-house tools and processes to capture and measure our work, company information, results and outcomes. Regular reporting, conference calls and updates keep all the team informed on the export programs and the services the companies are asking for. This allows us to tailor our services to your companies' needs. 

Metrics and good reporting allow for successful exporters to be identified, quantified and showcased. Promoting export success stories recognizes the value the export assistance programs brings to your local companies.

Resources for in-market assistance

Check out our ebooks, whitepapers, videos and blogs produced for you by our international business developers.


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