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International online marketing

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international online marketing

How to attract visitors to your website?

Actively market your website and increase its visibility to attract visitors. Optimize your website for local search engines and local customers. Simply translating your existing keywords is not enough, but we're here to identify the right keywords for your export market! 

Participate on relevant global and local social media networks in your customers' mother tongue. No worries if no one in your office speaks the language. We work closely with your marketing team to create the right message. 

For trade shows, use the website to promote your attendance and then lead prospects from the trade show back to your website for a follow up. 

How to engage distributors?

If you already have local distributors, involve them! Tell them to use the website as a marketing tool, list them as a contact, send them automatic notifications about new inquiries, so they can deal with them for you!

For new distributors, generate interest and receive applications via the website, so you can appoint one soon!

Are you getting results?

Tracking software provides you with lots of insightful information. We help you make sense of all that data, interpret it and adjust your international online marketing strategy to your short and long term objectives, as well as other business activities such as trade shows and distributor searches.

Let's discuss your international online marketing strategy together!

Tereza Santava
Project Manager

Creating localized websites is the first step. Using them effectively is the bigger and long-term challenge. Watch Tereza's video to learn how international online marketing will make you visible in your target markets.

  • 1 Search engine optimization 
  • 2 Social media marketing
  • 3 Content management, editing and support 
  • 4 Reports and analytics 

Optimize for international search engines

If local search engines can't find you, your targeted audiences can't either. Search results and criteria are different in each country, and simply translating a site is not enough to get you listed! Over 200 factors influence ranking of your website. Watch Michael's video to learn more!

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