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Return on investment

from the Online Global Program

international expansion strategy

Our primary concern is to ensure our clients see Online Global Return on Investment (ROI). Our monthly client stats, metrics and reporting are all geared to provide that information. Below we provide our webinar recording, methods of calculation, goals and objectives coupled with measurable returns. All of this for your ROI.

Webinar: Get your online return on investment (ROI)

ROI from country specific websites and online marketing. Set measurable objectives and business goals. Reporting and metrics give actionable intelligence. Insights and opportunities. Michael Hawksley (Online Business Director) and Susanna Hardy (Chief Content Office) give you the inside track.

Click here to watch the webinar recording

Let's calculate

Return from the Online Global Program

Return can be calculated in different ways and this will be unique to your business. Website localization and international online marketing contribute towards your sales both directly and indirectly via brand development. Both of these need to be taken into account when calculating your return. In addition to directly attributed sales, typical ways of measuring the return are by putting a monetary value on:

Investment in Online Global - Website Localization

Investment includes human resources and software cost: domains registration, resources for content preparation and adaptation, resources for content translation and optimization, resources and software/application for wireframes and designs visuals, content management system (platform used to build the website) + add-ons, resources for website build and content upload, resources for testing and website launch. Our Website Localization service covers it all.

Investment in Online Global - International Online Marketing

Investment includes human resources and software cost: resources and software for search engine optimization, resources for social media management, resources for paid search management, fees for online advertising (social media and paid search), resources and software for demand generation (lead generation and management, email campaigns), resources and software for analytics and reporting. Our International Online Marketing service covers it all.

Define goals and objectives

Your goal: Grow your exports and business online in a measurable and profitable way.

To achieve your goal, you need to define your export market online objectives and create and implement effective country specific websites and online marketing in your target markets in line with these objectives.

Most frequent international online objectives

Measure results

Read our whitepaper Return on Investment in country specific websites and online marketing for an overview of the most frequent international online objectives, how to achieve and measure them. The whitepaper also includes a handy summary table with relevant tools that will help you measure your results.

Click below to download the whitepaper

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