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Return on Investment in websites Calculate your return on investment (ROI) in country specific websites. Define, achieve and measure your international online objectives.

Webinar: European Supply Chain Solutions and Online Opportunities European experts in logistics as well as online and e/mcommerce provide insights and opportunities for exporters to grow their sales, brands and businesses.

Your Exporters Guide to China China, the world’s 2nd largest consumer market, presents massive opportunities for B2B and B2C exporters. Get the essential facts, figures, hints, tips and vital information.

Your Exporters Guide to Germany Germany is the strongest economy in Europe and is at the center of action on the continent. Whilst the German market offers favorable conditions for growing your exports, it is not easy to break into.

Webinar: Florida’s Online Global Program ​EFI and IBT Online are pleased to announce Florida's Online Global Program. Manny Mencia, EFI SVP International Trade and Development, present the program designed to help exporters globalize their websites.

Webinar: Build and Market Websites for India Expert speakers give advice on selling online in India for B2B and B2C opportunities via website localization, Indian digital marketing, e/mcommerce, local distributor support and more.

Your Exporters Guide to India Exploring India's market opportunities: The world's largest democracy, 7th largest economy, 6th largest manufacturing country, 12th largest consumer market...

Webinar: Ecommerce in China Expert speakers give advice on selling in China with ecommerce, WeChat and Baidu specifics, website localization, digital marketing and “plug and play” infrastructure.

Webinar: How to sell online in the United States Expert speakers give practical advice on selling online in the United States, B2B and B2C platforms, website localization, digital marketing, ecommerce and “plug and play” infrastructure.

Webinar: Global Search Engine Optimization Expert speakers give practical tips for companies looking to optimize their website to be found and well ranked in the main international markets.

Webinar: Global Healthcare Online Expert speakers share views and advice on how companies can take advantage of online developments in the healthcare sector to trade internationally.

Webinar: International Ecommerce Platforms Expert speakers give practical advice on how to identify, access and optimize international ecommerce platforms to go global and increase international business.

Webinar: Online for Marine Manufacturers Expert speakers from the National Marine Manufacturers Association and ibt partners share views and advice on localized websites and online marketing to grow exports and international business.

WEBINAR: WEBSITE LOCALIZATION FOR DISTRIBUTORS Expert speakers give practical advice on how to optimize your websites to identify, on-board and manage international distributors.

Webinar: How to sell online in China Expert speaker Paul Swenson, Director - China, ibt partners, gives practical advice on selling online in China, based on his >7 years of experience developing Chinese ecommerce sites for international clients.

Webinar: How to sell online in Europe Expert speakers John Worthington and Tereza Santava, ibt partners, give practical advice on selling online in Europe, website localization, digital marketing, eCommerce and “plug and play” infrastructure.


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