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SUCCESSFUL TRADE SHOWS IN THE MIDDLE EAST:  GET READY FOR ARAB HEALTH AND THE DUBAI BOAT SHOW Attending international trade shows is vital for exporters but how do you get the most out of them? Using Arab Health and The Dubai Boat Show as case studies, we discuss how exporters have successfully used online tools to optimize their international trade shows.

Webinar: International Ecommerce Choices for Businesses This webinar details the choices for exporting companies for ecommerce. From global online malls to specialized distributor platforms, companies looking to grow their business globally have options - make sure you know the right tools to grow your sales, brand and businesses globally with ecommerce.

Webinar: UNDERSTANDING GDPR GDPR will affect any company doing business in the EU and it will be strictly enforced. Tune into this webinar to learn about GDPR, how to comply and how to take advantage of the new regulatory environment.

Webinar: Online security for Exporters Get expert advice on how to make your international websites safe from cyber threats. Register to learn how to prevent breaches, boost your ecommerce platform security, and host international pages safely.

Webinar: Website localization for exporters Answering the question of how do localized websites help exporters grow their sales, brands and businesses internationally.

Return on Investment in websites Calculate your return on investment (ROI) in country specific websites. Define, achieve and measure your international online objectives.

Webinar: Ecommerce in China Expert speakers give advice on selling in China with ecommerce, WeChat and Baidu specifics, website localization, digital marketing and “plug and play” infrastructure.

Webinar: Global Search Engine Optimization Expert speakers give practical tips for companies looking to optimize their website to be found and well ranked in the main international markets.

Webinar: Global Healthcare Online Expert speakers share views and advice on how companies can take advantage of online developments in the healthcare sector to trade internationally.

Webinar: International Ecommerce Platforms Expert speakers give practical advice on how to identify, access and optimize international ecommerce platforms to go global and increase international business.

Webinar: Online for Marine Manufacturers Expert speakers from the National Marine Manufacturers Association and ibt partners share views and advice on localized websites and online marketing to grow exports and international business.

WEBINAR: WEBSITE LOCALIZATION FOR DISTRIBUTORS Expert speakers give practical advice on how to optimize your websites to identify, on-board and manage international distributors.

Webinar: CE Marking and Global Technical Compliance Expert guest speaker Tony Woodford, Business Development Executive for TÜV Rheinland UK (one of the world’s leading testing service providers) gives insight and advice on CE marking.

Webinar: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Expert guest speaker Tim Bennett, Director-General/CEO at Trans-Atlantic Business Council presents on the ongoing US and EU negotiations. Addressing market access, tariffs, rules and regulations.

Webinar: Optimizing international trade fairs. Hannover Messe Expert guest speaker Larry Turner, CEO, Hannover Fairs USA talks about making the most of your trade fairs. Key steps, networking, lead generation, follow-up... Combining trade fairs, website localization and digital marketing.

WEBINAR: GET YOUR ONLINE RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) ROI from country specific websites and online marketing. Set measurable objectives and business goals. Reporting and metrics give actionable intelligence. Insights and opportunities.


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