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The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), mission is to advance and maximize opportunities in Wisconsin for businesses, communities and people to thrive in a globally competitive environment. The International Business Division is structured to focus on markets with the greatest purchasing power for Wisconsin products. 

WEDC works closely with IBT Online to deliver the Wisconsin Online Global Program - Website Localization and International Online Marketing for Wisconsin companies. From strategic planning, through content localization, design customization and technical implementation of localized websites, to country specific search engine optimization and social media marketing, our Online Global services are tailored to support your international business strategy.

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Wisconsin Online Global Program

Make the internet work for you globally! Help your customers, prospects and business partners understand who you are and what you offer by improving their user experience in their native language. Whether you sell directly or via distributors, B2B or B2C, a local website that is easy to engage and do business with, built to match your business strategy, is essential to your international expansion success. Get visible with website localization and increase your local credibility and trust.

Online Global services deliver: 

Online: 24/7, multi-lingual, local search engine optimization and social media marketing, single digital platform for multi-national business service development, content for local end target audiences, traffic, user experience, engagement, e/mcommerce and communities (own, manage and control your online space)

Brand: awareness, credibility, trust, experience, protection, promotion and protection (build your brand value, locally and globally)

Business: market knowledge, find distributors, leads and clients, on/offline shows and events, sell to businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C), develop existing and grow new revenue streams, reports and analytics and return on investment (grow your businesses top and bottom lines)

Wisconsin International Market Access Grant (IMAG)

Funds are available from the WEDC for the Online Global programs; building and marketing country specific websites to grow your exports and business internationally. The WEDC International Market Access Grant (IMAG) will offer grant support for activities associated with new international marketing initiatives, including Online Global.

Wisconsin companies can apply for the IMAG to be reimbursed for specific expenses associated with executing their international export activities. Project level funding is up to $10,000. If a company has graduated from the ExporTech program, then they are eligible to apply for up to $25,000 for assistance in implementing their export strategy.

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"In today’s globalized economy, exporting is essential for almost any company’s growth. I would encourage you to consider both ExporTech™ and the Global Business Development Grants to help your company achieve its objectives" - Monica Wahlberg (International Grant Manager, WEDC)


Deliver: A defined program of two country-specific websites that are fully localized for your top two international target markets (example Mexico and Canada…).

Budget: The total cost of the Wisconsin Online Global Option A: Two Market Expansion Program is $12,000.


Delivers: A customized program of multi-market country-specific websites and marketing that are fully localized for your top international target markets (example Canada, China, Germany, the UK, Japan and Mexico…).

Budget: The total cost of the Wisconsin Online Global Option B: Multi-Market Website Localization and International Online Marketing Program depends upon the number of countries and the scope of work.

Successful Wisconsin companies we are proud to serve and trust us to deliver

Samantha is the IBT Online Business Development Manager for Wisconsin

​Samantha is bilingual in Spanish and English. She has a passion for international business and helping others succeed. Samantha is the go-to-person if you have any questions or interest in going global with the Wisconsin Online Global Program.

Contact Samantha Soffici: 
T +1 (786) 493-8667

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