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North American economic development agencies and ibt partners

Economic development agencies fulfill a vital role in helping their local companies grow through a range of programs and funding. These agencies find trusted, able, proven and proactive partners to deliver these programs.

ibt partners has been serving North American economic development agencies for over a decade. We are proud to have successfully delivered export and business development services internationally for many US states and hundreds of their exporting companies.

Successful, leading and innovative economic development agencies

Online Internationally is the innovative export assistance program that leverages the internet, applying today's online technologies to grow US companies' exports and international business. Economic development agencies that choose Online Internationally to help their local companies export, provide economic growth and employment expansion.

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Strong track record of satisfied economic development agency clients

Economic development agency clients who attribute a part of their export success to their relationship with us:

Delaware, <br/>the first state

Florida The Sunshine State

Indiana, <br/>the Hoosier state

the Hoosier state

The Indy Chamber

Indiana companies click here!

Maine, <br/>the pine tree state

Michigan, <br/>the great lake state

Oregon, </br>the beaver state

Pennsylvania, </br>the keystone state

Tennessee, </br>the volunteer state

Wisconsin, </br>America's dairyland

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Successful economic development agencies that we are proud to serve

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