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Food Export USA

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Food Export USA

US exports of agricultural, food and drink products to Europe

US exports of agricultural, food and drink products to Europe now top US$15 Bn, up by >20% in the past 3 years. Consumer oriented exports grew to >US$6 Bn (>42% of the total). The European countries together as the rank 5th largest export market for U.S. agricultural, food and drink. Now, drilling down into the leading categories we have: tree nuts, soybeans and soybean meal, wine and beer, prepared food, distilled spirits (Moonshine is making a play…), wine, craft beers, other processed foods, ingredients and beverage bases, cooked and prepared shellfish, dried fruit, fats and oils, baking inputs, mixes and dough’s and juices. The numbers are large (in USD and tonnes), as is the range and source of product is impressive; California nuts to Maine’s juices, with every state in-between contributing.

US Agricultural Regional Associations

The mission of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) is to represent the state departments of agriculture in the development, support and promotion of the American agricultural industry. The USA is devided into four regions: Midwest (MASDA), Northeast (NEASDA), Southern (SASDA) and Western (WASDA). 

Online export and assistance through the Branded Program

If you currently export US food and agricultural products, you could receive financial assistance to help you promote them in your chosen markets. The Branded Program offers reimbursement on marketing-related expenses such as:

Find out more about the Branded Program

Online Internationally services provide US food export companies with a platform to develop their exports and business

Food Export USA recognizes the advantages brought to companies of having the online toolkit to develop and support their business globally. We grow your exports and business internationally by building and marketing country specific websites.

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Seminars: Building Your Online Presence to Boost Exports

European online activity is huge and booming; at ibt partners we want to help US companies understand and take advantage of this. With explosive 18% YOY ecommerce growth, the EU ecommerce economy is currently worth $379Bn - more than that of the USA ($225.5Bn).

The Food Export Association of the Midwest USA, Food Export USA Northeast and ibt partners are pleased to present the webinar: "Building Your Online Presence to Boost Exports: Europe as a Case Study ".

Presented by Susanna Hardy, ibt partners Managing Director - Europe, we discuss the EU internet landscape, outline the necessary steps to building local websites and how best to leverage in-market websites to grow your export business. Topics to be covered:

Download a copy of the presentation

Whitepapers and ebooks

Check out our free resources or click on the links below to know more about exporting to Europe:

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