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Website localisation

faster international business expansion

Website localisation

Why website localisation?

Don't look like a stranger to your customers! Help them easily understand who you are and what you offer in their native language. Whether you sell directly or via distributors, a local website built to match your business strategy and export needs plays a crucial part in your international expansion success. Reaching new markets and strengthening your position in existing export markets is much easier today. Even without having a local physical presence, websites translated and localised for your export markets can help you increase your visibility, build your brand and grow your sales.

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Hear how these companies have grown their sales, brands and businesses online globally with IBT Online's website localisation and international online marketing services.

Go Global with website localisation
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‚ÄčHow can we help localise your website?

Our international team addresses all aspects of website localisation while adapting your UK website to your target international markets. Using our expertise, local knowledge and native speakers, we translate and localise your website's structure, design and content. We build your international sites on an advanced content management system especially suited to manage multilingual websites, so they are easy to scale and adapt in the future. Your international websites will support your UK design, spirit and structural features, but will be adapted to address specificities of each target market.

Let's discuss your website localisation plan together!

Michael Hawksley,
Online Business Director

10 stages - that's what it takes us to bring you online globally. Watch Michael's video to learn about the process and benefits of creating your international websites. 

  • 1 Strategic planning
  • 2 Website specification and wireframe
  • 3 Content localisation and translation
  • 4 Design
  • 5 Content management system 
  • 6 Hosting
  • 7 Website build and content load
  • 8 Testing
  • 9 Domains and URLs
  • 10 Site launch, training and access

How to attract more leads?

website translation servicesLocal search engine optimisation, social media strategies and lead generation fuel your website, drive visitors to your site, turn the visitors into leads, and leads into clients.


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