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LinkedIn - international professional network

Social media is booming in the USA and Europe as a tool for growing exports and business. We use LinkedIn all the time to connect with international prospects, clients and partners. LinkedIn has > 115 million registered members in the USA and >89 million in Europe (UK >18 million, France >10 million, Italy >7 million, Spain >6 million, Netherlands > 5 million). However, the Xing leads the German professional networks with >6 million registered members while LinkedIn has >2 million. In France, there is a close contender to LinkedIn called Viadeo which has >9 million registered members (most of whom are on LinkedIn as well). 

Export - UK exporters group

We created the LinkedIn Export – UK Exporters Group to help UK executives build relationships with others who share similar challenges, experiences, thoughts and ideas, so we can all contribute to a shared success. You will find colleagues and discussion groups with the same passion for growing exports and business, who are willing to share information, research, news and resources with you – all in one convenient online place. 

Who should join

Our Export – UK Exporters Group is an online community of professionals, from all industries and organizational sizes, all seeking to develop UK exports to international markets, through distributors, direct sales, trade shows, representation, web sites, online marketing and ecommerce.


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