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Client Testimonials

Hear how these companies have grown their sales, brands and businesses online globally with IBT Online's website localisation and international online marketing services.

Go Global with website localisation
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Michigan Online Global Client Testimonials

Hear some of the amazing success stories from Michigan State companies that have used the Michigan Online Global program. 

Go Global with website localization
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W.D.M Limited

World leader in delivering safer road surfaces
Challenge: Support the global business with effective and on-going communication on W.D.M.’s expertise to public sector road and infrastructure management specialists.
Our help: Global online strategy with localised websites and online international marketing to reinforce the company’s brand associated with 50 years of quality engineering and road technology.

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World leader in the provision of high quality synthetic motor oils, fuel additives and lubricants
Challenge: Support AMSOIL's international business and ensure the protection of the global brand.
Our help: 5 international websites targeting AMSOIL's most valuable export markets. Each website is optimized for its local market, and is then supported with a localized SEO program. Social media campaigns are also adapted for each market, identifying the best online media platforms and key words and best content to attract local followers.

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Avionics Support Group, Inc

Avionics systems integration & aerospace manufacturing company
Challenge: Build and support global sales teams in difficult technical industries
Our help: China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Russia; Now boasting 6 international websites, spanning their most important international markets, ASG has also asked IBT Online to rework their domestic U.S. website to ensure global brand harmony. 

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All World Machinery

Leading global mechanical parts and solutions supplier for industrial machinery
Challenge: Design and build of multilingual websites for the US and Mexican markets, domestic and international growth.
Our help: Design, build, localisation and translation of the site including user experience optimisation with a quote cart for 1,500 products. Ongoing development and online marketing.

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Roll-Rite LLC

Designer and manufacturer of automated lorry and trailer tarpaulin systems for heavy duty road haulage
Challenge: Build global brand awareness, expand European client base, support local distributors.
Our help: Build and support European websites, search engine optimization, social media to reinforce local credibility, brand awareness and lead generation.

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Bulman Products 

Manufacturer of paper cutters and dispensers
Challenge: Global expansion via distributor network development in Europe.
Our help: Build of dedicated websites in two languages and marketing them with search engine optimisation and multilingual social media.

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Hague Quality Water International

Manufacturer of residential water treatment systems,
exported to 50 countries worldwide

Challenge: Expansion and support of the European subsidiary and distributor network. Proactive brand promotion.
Our help: Design, development and localisation of European websites, multilingual marketing and support.

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Kasco Marine

Manufacturer of aeration, fountain, and de-icing solutions
Challenge: Expansion and growth of customer base and distributor network across Europe, Australia and South America.
Our help: Build of dedicated websites in six languages and international marketing with search engine optimisation and social media.

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Satamazone is an universal satellite communications and networking company
Challenge: Build and support global sales in remote regions
Our help: Peru and Brazilian websites to support sales teams, generate leads and ecommerce sales

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Designs and markets RF cables and connectors for OEMs
Challenge: Expansion, nurturing and coordination of existing European distributor and client network. Brand protection.
Our help: Dedicated European websites in five languages to engage with end clients and centralise data for distributors for product information.
Results: Local credibility, brand awareness and distributor support. Lead nurturing via online marketing.

Peterson Spring

Peterson Spring is the largest privately held spring manufacturer in North America
Challenge: Increase their exports to key automotive manufactures
Our help: Design, development and localization of their export websites: first for Germany and Poland, followed by Spain and France.

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Petoskey Plastics

Innovator in manufacturing blown plastic film and bags
Challenge: Identify the key European markets for Slip-N-Grip automotive division, grow exports and distributor network.
Our help: Build and marketing of European websites, online promotion and support at trade shows, generation of inbound enquiries via social media. Increasing visibility of the product line via search engine optimisation and paid advertising.


Global Centre for Automotive Performance Simulation
Challenge: Looking to expand operation into India market. Support the global business with effective and on-going communication on GCAPS' expertise on vehicle testing services. 
Our help: Global online strategy with localized website and online international marketing to reinforce the company’s brand focusing on the trade shows GCAPs are attending and thier cutting-edge services they offer. 

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Read more client testimonials

  • ChemLogix

    Marketing Director

    “Great project management and delivery by ibt partners, on time, within budget. Month by month they develop the traffic to our EU sites, generating brand awareness and new business opportunities.”

  • Compak Ramps

    Global Sales & Marketing Director

    “ibt partners has provided us with successful international business development services for over 6 years…from new market research and inside information provision, to marketing, sales and in market support. I have no hesitation in recommending ibt partners”

  • Community Playthings

    European Sales Manager

    “ibt partners performs with diligence, resource, and a high degree of professionalism. It is entirely due to the persistent hard work of ibt partners that we achieved our objective of finding distributors. I would recommend any business serious about establishing a new market presence to contact ibt partners. The results will be worth it.”

  • Megaphase

    International Sales and Marketing Manager

    “The EU sites ibt partners created are a very important tool that have enabled me to promote and market our products throughout Europe. Most importantly, my EU sales are up and will continue growing.”

  • FiscalReps

    Chief Executive

    “ibt partners have been fundamental in the success of FiscalReps business development plans. We have been very favourably impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and competence of the staff and the success delivered.”

  • Planit Holdings

    Business Development Manager

    “ibt partners' export development project execution was rapid, consistently professional, within budget and met our expectations.”

  • Johnson Tiles

    Head of Export

    “We have worked closely with ibt partners for almost 10 years. They developed our business in new markets and impact directly our export growth and top line. I strongly recommend ibt partners.”

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