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expanding business globally

Successful companies in the UK market with global ambitions

Apple has >130 country specific websites: they spent millions (and earned billions). We are not advocating that expenditure (or revenue?) for you, but the principle is clear!

If you are a successful company in the UK market, with sales in excess of £5 million and already exporting - we should talk. If you only have an English .com or site, and no international websites for your export markets, we should definitely talk!

So let's talk about your international business expansion

Contact us to grow your business globally

Across all sectors

We work well with all goods and services sectors that need to be online internationally, and we can’t think of any that don’t.

Our Online Global services - Website Localisation and International Online Marketing - grow exports and business across all sectors, for goods and services: aircraft, consumer products, fashion, manufacturing, machinery, mineral fuel, optic and medical instruments, outdoor gear, pharmaceutical products, consulting, financial, human resources, information technology, insurance, legal, agricultural - tree nuts, soybeans, maple syrup, wine and beer and prepared food…and your sector.

Across all business models

Online Global brings huge advantage to early adopters in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer)

Businesses are increasingly doing business online. Whether your international B2B model is direct to your end business client or indirect (via distributors/agents/resellers), or a mix of both, the internet has changed B2B relations, bringing opportunities to find new, and develop existing business relations.

We see B2C and B2B continuing to enjoy great growth rates across the world. The internet has disrupted traditional business models, and one effect is that your clients want to know you better just like you want to know your end clients better.

Our clients successfully grow their exports and international business

We love our clients, working with companies helping them grow their exports and international business. You know your business and we know the international online - so lets succeed together.

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Hundreds of companies trust us to deliver

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